Wednesday, April 15, 2009

LISTEN UP! Friday 4.17.09

This Friday, we have a party going on. You and all of your friends have been invited to this party because we want you to have a good time listening to music that was arranged for dancing and all those other hedonistic tendencies you and your friends enjoy taking part in.
We mean this!

This is what the flyer looks like:

It has multi-colored tigers on it,that's pretty savage, eh? This alone should indicate to you how we want you to feel once you've put a few drinks in your body, started listening to the music and hanging out with your friends. Then, most likely you will 'tweet' to your friends, "Hey, this party is kinda nice, you should come out." Hopefully you will blow that twitter network up so much that the fail whale and those stupid birds show up.

It fails to inform you on the flyer, but there is NO COVER BEFORE 10:30 PM!!! Also, there will be drink specials all night. That part is kind of irrelevant though, because the Mink is pretty affordable when it comes to paying for adult beverages.

Another point of interest regarding this event is that DJ DIRTY TALK from Lost-Angeles will be playing some tracks with us out on the patio. Her real name is Ellen, but were going to call her DJ DIRTY TALK, because that is probably just how she rolls. My best guess is that DIRTY TALK is an homage to the early italo disco classic of the same name performed by KLEIN & MBO.
DJ DIRTY TALK is also the boss-lady of her own clothing line called MODERN LOVERS.

visit Modern Lovers on MySpace!

Trust in us.
This will be good!....

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