Thursday, April 02, 2009

Rad New Website for the Houston Scene

A new entertainment site has launched in Space City and it's called 29-95 dot com.
Just to make sure you don't get lost with the name, 29-95 is somewhat the longitude and latitude of Houston TX.. Pretty cool eh? Me thinks so.
The site is going to cover the music,art, restaurant and lifestyle scenes of the inner city plus a few other bits and pieces of Houston. (comics,movies, sex etc.)

I'm actually working with the site so although this may be a shameless plug I truly feel this is something that Houston has needed for awhile. Big things to come with events and other fun stuff... Lemme know what you think.

Check it out!


[on hiatus] said...

finally...ha. congrats. i checked it out a few days ago. it has a lot of potential..hope everything goes well.

CeeplusBadKnives said...

Yeah, man, long time coming.. What's up with the Throwbacks! Send me some tunes!