Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Where is the art scene headed in Houston,Tx?

Can we move the art scene in Houston TX? The answer is yes we can. Houston has yet to have a strong art movement/scene. Not to say we don't have amazing artist here, we do, from Angelbert Metoyer to Mel Chin to street artist like the Deathhead and Eyesore. We have such a large variety of artist and talent. Lets show the rest of the country-the world what we have to offer.
I urge you, no, I beg you, go out and paint a tree at Hermann Park and inspire a passerby to do the same, go to a local art show and support an artist whether they be a close friend or maybe you just enjoy their art, help out with an art show even if you don't put art in it, you can learn to install art, or just spend a day at the MFAH with a friend... etc. etc.

Support the art scene in anyway you can, WE NEED YOU !!!!!!

Thank you for paying attention to my verbal vomit.

J. Paul Jackson
Art Curator at RMM
"Inspire Inspiration"

p.s. If you would like to participate in one of Reprogram Music-Multimedia Art Socials contact me at jpauljackson@gmail.com.

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