Tuesday, May 26, 2009


The other night after WILD FRUITS!, Dan of GLASNOST and I got on the topic of the 'cosmic disco' sound and how prevalent it is in electronic music today. This made me want to leave the bar behind and listen to some of those spaced out mixes, and fall into a nice, drooling slumber. I ended up having the last available Lone Star at the bar (coudn't tear me away from it!), but was still anxious to go through some of the mixes I would find when the whole 'cosmic' trend really blew up a few years ago.

Since we didn't have anyone submit a mix to us this week, I dug up this mix-tape by some DJ just known as EVAN, recorded at Discoteca Boomerang for this week's non-stop. My guess is that this tape (#48)is from around 1984....and, well is it cosmic....balearic....typhoon?...

Just give it a listen---I think this mix is a great little primer to the 'cosmic sound' that everyone seems to still be wild about.

Oh, and if anyone has any leads on this EVAN DJ, I'd be curious to know more about this guy!

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