Sunday, May 31, 2009


This week we are lucky, because this week our guest for the Reprogram Music Non-Stop is ZERKALO, hailing from various locations, but primarily Germany/France and the USA. For those in the know, ZERKALO is a newer project from Heinrich Mueller (yes, of the infamous DOPPLEREFFEKT!!!) and Victoria Lukas. The sound is similar to other Heinrich Mueller projects like ARPANET, DER ZYKLUS, and more recent DOPPLEREFFEKT but remains completely unique with Victoria's chilling, but sweet vocals.

As of current there are no ZERKALO releases and there are no interviews with members of this project. Some may be confused by this sort of behavior as an artist, but I find it to work well-- I'm much more intrigued with an artist's anonymity. In the end it should always be the music that speaks---rather than revealing interviews that may only work in one context for that particular moment.

ZERKALO has asked this mix to be dedicated to Marie Alexandra Van Huffel.

Okay, enjoy!!!

You can also download it HERE.

For those that must have a playlist:

et expecto resurrectionem mortuorum - i. des profondeurs de l'abîme.../ olivier messiaen

zero volume/arpanet

icct hedral {edit} /aphex twin

we are eternal /ultradyne

cosmic car/cybotron

secret desire/ i_F

insecticide/ fad gadget

das leben und der tod /analog

in your pyramid / luke eargoggle

when i was sick/zerkalo

odessa theme/alden tyrell


the man machine/kraftwerk


You can visit their Myspace music page HERE.

In addition to all of this, here are some visuals!!! ----


Anonymous said...


first traxx and now zerkalo
you guys know a great deal of good music

i will enjoy this for sure

greets from germany,

European Emabby of Nation
Ministry of Foreign Affairs

dr said...

Nice tracklisting. Looks a lot like what I might include in a mix. Looking forward to listening to it.