Monday, June 29, 2009


The Reprogram podcasts have been on vacation for a weeks but by no means did that mean we were stopping them.

This week we have PERVERT of ANALOGICAL FORCE from Madrid, Spain supplying us with a rather complex mix of IDM and ELECTRO-NIX. If I remember correctly, I stumbled across Pervert's Myspace page a couple of years ago and heard his 'Kernel Panic' mix session and was completely floored---I still give that mix a good listen as it's one of the best electro sessions I've heard since some of DJ STINGRAY 313's electro/techno beatdowns. That being said, THIS particular mix from Pervert is a bit different from what I've heard him do, however, it further demonstrates his talent as a DJ. You'll hear stuff from THE BLACK DOG, VIBERT & SIMMONDS, PLAID, D'ARCANGELO, and more...

This mix was made exclusively for Reprogram Music, and we're grateful to have Pervert on for the podcast series!



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nice stuff!