Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Reprogram Multimedia Presents:

Punky Disco
(dance party)

*A multi genre soundscape of:
Underground Disco, Funk, Post Punk, RocknRoll,
No Wave, New Wave, Dark 80's Retro, Industrial Danse,
Italo, Gay, Electroclash, Cosmic, Balearic, Nu Disco,
Minimal Synth, Proto House & Electro,
like minded new tracks and more...

Get with the past, present and the future and forget what you might think you know..

with selectors:
Ceeplus Bad Knives
Mr. Castillo

and special guest:
Michael Harwell
from Danseparc (r.i.p)

No Cover | 21+ | Cheap Bevs All Night

Free Punky Disco Flare All night. Feel free to stop by the dj booth for a button.

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